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Communion Cups and Wafers Subscription Program

Automatic shipping on cups and wafers—and 10% off!

Save time and money by having your Communion cups and hosts automatically shipped to you. Choose from one of the three options below, and set your order to renew every three months or every six months. Your order will renew each time with the 10% discount.

To change or cancel your order at any time, contact customer service by calling (800) 325-3040.

Option One:


1,000 White Communion Hosts (Item # 881000)
1,000 Disposable Communion Cups (Item # 882450)

Option Two:

cups-gfwafers.png50 Gluten-Free Hosts (Item # 885441)
1,000 Disposable Communion Cups (Item # 882450)

Option Three: 

cup-bothwafers.png1,000 White Communion Hosts (Item # 881000)
50 Gluten-Free Hosts (Item # 885441)
1,000 Disposable Communion Cups (Item # 882450) 

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