Allow Your Members to Support Other Organizations with Their Offerings

Agency offering envelopes designate that the money inside should be given to the organization on the front of the envelope. These envelopes are free for customers who order custom boxed sets, and they can be added to your members’ weekly boxed sets at no extra charge. Agency envelopes measure 6¼" × 3⅛" (dollar/check size).

When you order, please specify the quantity of each agency envelope you would like and whether you want the agency envelopes to be inserted into your custom boxed sets.

Please call 414-615-5727 to include free agency envelopes in your next custom boxed set order.

California Lutheran High School California Lutheran High School 76-8466
Calvary Academy Ministries Calvary Academy Ministries 76-5217
Christian Family Solutions Christian Family Solutions 76-8415
Christian Life Resources Christian Life Resources 76-8426
Evergreen Lutheran High School Evergreen Lutheran High School 76-5213
Forward in Christ Forward in Christ 76-5209
Lutheran Pioneers Lutheran Pioneers 76-5208
Lutherans for Life Lutherans for Life 76-5223
Meditations Daily Devotions Meditations Daily Devotions 76-5211
Mission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 76-5215
New Beginnings New Beginnings 76-5210
Northland Lutheran High School Northland Lutheran High School 76-8215
Shoreland Lutheran High School Shoreland Lutheran High School 76-8240
WELS Church Extension Fund WELS Church Extension Fund 76-8292
Wisconsin Lutheran College Wisconsin Lutheran College 76-5216
Wisconsin Lutheran High School Wisconsin Lutheran High School 76-8237
Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries 76-5205