Predesigned Envelopes for Specific Occasions

Special occasion envelopes are available in packs of 100. These envelopes are ideal for commemorating certain days or raising funds for specific causes.

Pass these envelopes out to parishioners or place them in the pews. Special occasion envelopes can also be inserted into custom boxed sets (sets of 52 weekly envelopes that are customized with the church’s information).

Choose from more than 40 designs. Envelopes measure 6¼" × 3⅛" (dollar/check size).

$4.50 per box. Bulk discounts available.

To order special occasion envelopes, call 800-662-6022.

Advent Advent 86-1329
Anniversary Anniversary 86-1330
Ascension Ascension 86-1331
Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday 86-1332
Benevolences Benevolences 86-1382
Birthday Birthday 86-1333
Building Fund Building Fund 86-1334
Christian Day School Christian Day School 86-1383
Christmas Christmas 86-1335
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve 86-1336
Communion Communion 86-1337
Debt Reduction Fund Debt Reduction Fund 86-1338
Designated Offering Designated Offering 86-1339
Easter Easter 86-1340
Endowment Endowment 86-1395
Energy Needs Energy Needs 86-1351
Epiphany Epiphany 86-1392
Flower Fund Flower Fund 86-1384
Generic:  My Offering for… Generic: My Offering for… 86-1356
Good Friday Good Friday 86-1341
Improvement Fund Improvement Fund 86-1388
Initial Offering Initial Offering 86-6104
Lenten Lenten 86-1342
Love Love 86-1354
Lutheran School Lutheran School 86-1389
Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday 86-1343
Memorial Gift Memorial Gift 86-1380
Missions Missions 86-1344
Mortgage Fund Mortgage Fund 86-1396
Mother's Day Mother's Day 86-1385
My Offering My Offering 86-1390
New Year New Year 86-1345
New Year's Eve New Year's Eve 86-1346
Organ Fund Organ Fund 86-1386
Palm Sunday Palm Sunday 86-1381
Pastor Appreciation Pastor Appreciation 86-1501
Pentecost Pentecost 86-1347
Reformation Day Reformation Day 86-1348
Scholarship Scholarship 86-1391
Special Mission Special Mission 86-1349
Sunday School Sunday School 86-1387
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 86-1350
Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible School 86-1379
Youth Gathering Youth Gathering 86-1393